Everyone worries at some point in their life. And we have all lain awake at night, with thoughts racing through our minds. But, when these come together, causing you stress and panic, it may be something more complex. Anxiety is normal, until it interferes with your life.

At Boston MindCare, our team can help you navigate the scary diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. Dr. Jason Yee and Dr. Isabele Lagarda are trained anesthesiologists who specialize in ketamine therapy for uncontrolled anxiety. After your consultation, they get you set up for the treatment you need to kick your symptoms to the curb.

What exactly is anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterized by intense worry and fear. It can come and go, or it can seem like it’s a constant problem. Although anxiety affects everyone at some point, it becomes a problem when it begins to affect your daily activities.

Anxiety may affect you on its own, or you may have depressive symptoms as well. There are different types of anxiety disorders, including:

General anxiety disorder Obsessive compulsive disorder Post traumatic stress disorder Panic disorder Social phobia

General anxiety disorder encompasses all types of anxiety that don’t relate to the other diagnoses above. Each type of anxiety disorder can affect you differently, so knowing the symptoms helps you determine when it’s time to get help. 

Common anxiety symptoms

Anxiety has a myriad of symptoms that can affect you differently than it affects someone else with the same condition. Sometimes, the physical symptoms of this disorder can be so severe that it feels like you’re having a heart attack.

Due to the fact that anxiety can manifest in many ways, it’s good for you to understand some of the common symptoms. Some things you’ll experience with this condition include:

Racing thoughts Heart palpitations  Trouble breathing Chest tightness Difficulty concentrating Sleep disturbances 

You may also feel frustration, anger, and depression if you’re suffering from anxiety. You could have just one or two of these symptoms, or many of them. No matter what you’re feeling, one thing is for sure — you want to feel your normal self again as soon as possible.

Ketamine therapy can help

Once you realize that anxiety is causing these symptoms, there are many treatments available to give you some relief. Our doctors may provide you with medication to help your symptoms, along with cognitive behavioral therapy.

You can also do things on your own to ease your mind, like yoga and meditation. Exercise also helps to keep you occupied. However, if your anxiety still persists even with treatment, our doctors offer an alternative option called ketamine infusion therapy. 

Ketamine is a strong medication used for its anesthetic and sedative properties in surgical procedures. At Boston MindCare, our team has harnessed the powerful effects of this drug to treat severe anxiety, as well as other mental health disorders.

Unlike other medications that can take days to weeks for you to feel the effects, you may begin to feel better after a ketamine infusion within as little as 24 hours. This of course varies from person to person, and is dependent on the severity of your condition. Our doctors will discuss a treatment plan with you about how many infusions you may need and at what dose. 

Like any other medications, ketamine can have unwanted side effects, so make sure you completely understand this treatment and ask Dr. Yee and Dr. Lagarda any questions you may have. If they’re suggesting this as a treatment for your anxiety, most likely the positive effects outweigh the side effects. 

If you have severe anxiety and think that ketamine may be the answer you’ve been looking for, call our office at 781-207-9841, or schedule a consultation online today.

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