Boston MindCare, LLC

Boston MindCare was founded as a professional response to a deeply personal experience. After watching a close loved one suffer for years with severe depression and hopelessness, we turned to some hospital colleagues with the compelling evidence we had found in recent medical literature showing that ketamine infusions could help. Treatment brought much-needed relief and allowed us to hope for real progress. Inspired by our loved one’s positive experience with ketamine therapy, we have established a practice to widen the availability of this treatment in a supportive outpatient setting.

Our Mission

At Boston MindCare our mission is to provide effective relief for severe depression with expert, patient-centered anesthesia care in a welcoming environment.

We strive to make the best possible medical care available to individuals and families struggling with pain and hopelessness, and we are committed to the core values of compassion, integrity, individualized care, attentiveness, safety, professional excellence, and recognition of the intrinsic dignity of every person.

Everything we do in our practice is centered around these guiding principles, with the ultimate goal of helping each individual toward greater health and healing in an atmosphere of respect and support.

Why Choose Us

We understand that the decision to undertake this course of treatment can be difficult and that the treatment itself can be an enormous challenge, requiring a high level of commitment, courage, and perseverance. It cannot be undertaken lightly, nor should any physician treat it as anything less than an intensive measure that requires full focus, attentiveness, and hands-on care.

If you choose to undertake ketamine infusion therapy with us at Boston MindCare, our commitment to you is to provide

  • a warm, welcoming environment;
  • a supportive staff dedicated to getting to know you and your loved ones, providing knowledge and assistance as best we can, and offering holistic care and service with respect and compassion;
  • the opportunity to meet with the physician in charge regarding questions and concerns before and during the treatment course;
  • honest discussions about what is currently known in the field, available alternatives, and why practice decisions are made;
  • a private treatment room in which your infusion will be overseen personally by the physician in charge;
  • medical care that is individualized / tailored to your needs and situation, including adjustment of the precise, moment-to-moment rate of infusion in order to maximize benefit and minimize risk (this is where an anesthesiologist’s expertise, developed over years of day-to-day operating-room experience with ketamine, with critical care procedures, and with medication infusions is particularly helpful);
  • safety monitoring during every infusion and in the recovery period, including vigilant tracking of your heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, symptoms, and emotional state, and prevention or intervention if needed for side effects such as nausea;
  • a dedicated clinician – usually the medical director (an anesthesiologist) – in the treatment room with you or immediately available throughout the appointment;
  • objective tracking of treatment effectiveness with measures which can contribute to treatment decisions; and
  • adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Our goal is for patients and their families to feel cared for rather than alone and lost. We will do everything in our power to ensure your safety, comfort, and well-being.